1. Explore C: Drive (Windows using Domain Account)

    • Filename: %COMSPEC%

    Arguments: /c net use \\%hostname%\c$ /user:%domain%\%username% %password% && start \\%hostname%\c$

  2. WinSCP to tmp folder (Linux)

    • Filename: __Tools\WinSCP-Portable\WinSCP.exe

    Arguments: scp://%Username%:%Password%@%Hostname%/tmp/

  3. Database .NET Integration (SQL Sever - Windows Integrated Login)

    • Filename: __Tools\CPAU.exe

    Arguments: -u %domain%\%username% -p %password% -ex "__Tools\DatabaseNet4\Database4.exe 6 -s:%hostname% -e"

  4. RDP Plus (Maximized RDP Window)

    • Filename: __Tools\rdp.exe

    Arguments: /console /noprinters /nodrives /max /title:%NAME% /u:%domain%\%username% /p:%password% /v:%hostname%

I have placed all my external tools under a folder called __Tools inside the mRemoteNG base folder.

List of external tools mentioned in the list above

  1. WinSCP Portable - FTP/SCP Client I use to access the filesystem on linux boxes.
  2. CPAU - Open application in alternative security context. Sort of Run As replacement.
  3. Database .NET - One of my favorite portable database management tools which has support for many types of databases. It is also portable.
  4. RDP Plus - One of my fav tools I use to RDP into machines in a maximized window (not fullscreen). This helps to see the taskbar tray of the host box. It also has good command line support.